Good Emotions Zone

How can we support children’s mental health?

Depression, self esteem disorders, anxiety, bad relationships with peers, technology and social media addictions this is a grim list of difficulties being faced everyday by increasing numbers of children and pupils.
It is often very difficult for adult s to process all of our emotions and additionally handle the pressure of being responsible for children’s mental wellbeing. In addition, parents as well as teachers and educational institutions need to face the ever growing wave of refugees, the energy cri sis and new difficult challenges that require psychological preparation.

Poland is only starting to gain experience in the integr ation process of children and adults from other countries into our culture. Drawing on the experience of countries with a higher percentage of immigrant children, the Fine Foundation has developed a support program for Leaders of Change teachers and educ ators working with children in a situation of crisis and increased tension. We invite you to the Good Emotions Zone of the Fine Foundation! It is a free, comprehensively prepared support program, including training, consultations, reading materials and we binars.

Every Thursday at 19:30 (until January 19) on the Facebook profile of the Fine Foundation you can participate in free webinars prepared in cooperation with Centrum Famiga. Stress in children’s lives, integration, regulation of emotions in children these are just some of the topics discussed during these meetings.

More information about the Good Emotions Zone and downloadable materials accompanying the webinars can be found at dobrych emocji/

Previous webinars can be viewed on the Fine Foundation website and on the Youtube channel: