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What it Means to be a Muslim in Today’s World?

We begin the series of texts about Islam with paraphrasing the question of Dalia Mogahed ‘What it’s like to be Muslim in America?’. This topic is connected with many myths and stereotypes which have a great impact on our opinions on one of the biggest religions in the world. For a start, we strongly encourage you to listen to Dalia Mogahed’s speech on TED Talks. This is one of the videos that you will surely remember for a long time. It is not suitable for children – at least not for the very young ones – but I assure you that they will benefit from the speech too, if their parents draw conclusions and learn from it.       

And for the youngest children, we have a book about Allah in Polish ready for you to download. 

We begin a new topic that may be considered by many as a taboo. But we are not afraid of challenges, so let’s talk with children about Islam.