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Climate Change – Memory Game

The aim of ‘Climat Change – Memory Game’ is to introduce to children the ways to reduce climate change.


  • Memory cards
  • Scissors


What can we do to at least reduce climate change? There are plenty of ways, but the most important ones are included in the picture below.

  • Save energy
  • Save water
  • Use energy-saving electrical equipment and renewable energy sources
  • Choose a bike over a car
  • Segregate waste
  • Plant new trees and flowers
  • Eat less meat and dairy products
  • Choose a train over a car


After introducing the ways to stop climate change, the teacher invites children to play the memory game. The teacher prints out the memory cards from the attachment on a thick paper or laminates them. The memory cards are a set of two sheets: one with the ways to stop climate change, the second with pictures presenting non-ecological behaviour. The cards should be cut out beforehand and put on a desk with pictures facing down. Children’s task is to find pairs of identical pictures and determine whether they depict a pro-ecological behaviour.

The teacher chooses the first child to try (this child can be picked randomly to prevent arguments). The child chooses two cards. If they pick up a pair, they should say whether the pictures show a pro-ecological behaviour.

This pair of pictures is then put aside. If the child fails to choose a pair, the cards should be placed back with the pictures down. It is the next child’s turn. The game ends when all pictures match.