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Christmas Paper Chain of Important Resolutions

What are the most important New Year’s resolutions in your families? Did you and your child take the time to reflect on what small steps you could take to take joint responsibility for our planet in 2018? The Christmas Paper Chain of Important Resolutions can turn out to be a decor that will transform your home or kindergarten 🙂

We encourage you to prepare a unique Christmas Paper Chain. This time, while you will be gluing this Christmas tree decoration, we want you to talk with your child about important issues. A child, mom, dad or granny – each person can decide what they can do differently to get closer to achieving a given goal.

  1. Familiarise the child with 17 Global Goals.
  2. On which Global Goal did the child have the biggest impact in 2017? What was easy enough for them to do? If you prepare the chain in a kindergarten, ask each child to choose 1 Global Goal which is the most important to them.
  3. Discuss with the child what actions they could take in 2018 to make additional contribution to the achievement of the selected Global Goal.
  4. Ask the child to cut out the chosen Global Goal.
  5. On the back of the paper strip the parent should write down the New Year’s resolution the child has made. (The child can draw an image to convey their resolution. If the child can write, let them write down the resolution) *Note: The resolutions doesn’t have to be anything big. The child can write, for example, that they won’t drink from disposable cups or with disposable drinking straws.
  6. Stick all the strips with Global Goals together. If you make the paper chain at a kindergarten, all goals should be picked out. If you prepare it at home, some strips can remain empty. Let it be a message for the child that there are still many things left to be improved in the following years. We encourage each family member to choose at least one Goal. Nothing motivates us more than a common goal and shared responsibility.
  7. Share your photos and experience with us! Write to us at We will be happy to see other Christmas Paper Chains of Important Resolutions.


This paper chain was inspired by our Partner – World’s Largest Lesson. TupTupTup and WLL work together to enhance children’s knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals. Thank you for being with us and using our materials.