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Bicycle trip

A bicycle trip is a true adventure. For it to be safe you need to prepare well. When setting off on the road, do not forget to check the technical condition of the vehicle and pack the basic tools: an inner tube, a pump, a wrench, and patches with glue. It will be useful to put on a helmet, and a reflective vest and take water to drink, and something sweet for a snack. You never know what will happen along the way.

Objective: Familiarizing children with the basic rules of road safety.

Time: 10 minutes


  • bicycle helmets and reflective vests for children to put on (optional)

Task flow

 We sit with the children in a circle and introduce them to the story.

Imagine that our hands are feet resting on the pedals of a bicycle. We’re going on a trip soon. We will spin our hands the way we spin our legs when riding a bicycle. While pedalling, listen to what I say and watch what situations we will face during the ride. Ready? (After an affirmative answer:) We begin.

We continue the story, while showing the appropriate moves.

Before we start pedalling, have everyone fasten their helmets. (We show the movement of the joined hands under the chin as if we were fastening the latch of the helmet buckles.)

We will go at different speeds.

We start slowly. (We slowly twist our hands with loosely bent fists).

Suddenly turn right. (We tilt the body slightly to the right.)

A cat ran across our path. (We imitate pulling the bell and say: “ring, ring”).

Oh, we hit the bushes. (We shuffle our slightly bent fists on our cheeks, making the sound: “shu, shu”).

Attention! Puddle. (With two fingers we hook several times on the lower lip so that it makes a sound: “plum, plum”).

This time turn left. (We tilt the body slightly to the left.)

We’re picking up the pace. (We move our hands faster.)

Stop. We are thirsty. (We raise a fist as if we were drinking from a water bottle and say: “gul, gul”).

We’re going even faster! (We shake our hands even faster.)

Attention, hop! (Slightly lift the whole body up).

We’re slowing down. (Move your arms slower.)

Turn left again. (We tilt the body slightly to the left.)

We continue the story as long as children’s curiosity lasts. We can expand the fun with our own situations and gestures.

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