Audiobook with Ukrainian legends “Far and Near”

Superheroes, the smartest girls in the world and creatures out of this world – all of them you will find in the audio play “Far and Near”, created by the Fine Foundation, under the patronage of Unicef. These are 8 short stories that you will not find in any fairy tale books.

The audio play “Far and near” tells old, very well-known and completely unknown Ukrainian legends and fairy tales that will take us on a musical journey and let us get to know the world – this close and distant, known and unknown, imaginary and completely real. Stories are read in a gentle and pleasant way by Maciej Stuhr and they will interest not only families, but also educators and animators who work with Polish and Ukrainian children on a daily basis. Listen, to get to know different countries and cultures, to see how close we are to each other and how we are wonderfully different. Turn on the audio and fly with us far and near.

The audio play “Far and Near” is waiting for you on well-known streaming platforms: Spotify and SoundCloud, on the website of the Fine Foundation as well as in Audioteka and Publio.

Daleko I Blisko