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Wind power

It’s time for the next element which for centuries has helped people produce renewable energy. We are talking about the wind power or, to be more precise, about the energy produced by the flow of gasses. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the wind power is a mill, the one that we could see in gristmills or a modern wind turbine which converts the energy of wind into electricity. Long time ago, people used this energy to sail. It was discovered that in the year 3200 BC Egyptians were using ships powered by the wind. But today, you don’t have to create a boat. We have much easier task for you – a pinwheel.

energia wiatru potrzbne materiały


  • balloon
  • adhesive tape
  • drinking straw (with an angle-adjustable bellows segment)
  • pencil with an eraser
  • nail


Instructions are easy: put a balloon on a drinking straw. Choose the end of the longer segment. Use an adhesive tape to fix the balloon to the straw. Then, bend the straw and pierce it with a nail about 2-3 cm below the balloon. Thanks to the nail you can now attach the straw to a pencil. You should be able to move the straw around, so be careful not to push it too hard against the pencil. Then, you can go on to the most pleasant part – blow up the balloon through the straw and release it. The balloon will begin to rotate around the nail. This way, the wind power makes our construction move.

We will finish with some additional remarks: the bigger the balloon, the longer your pinwheel will rotate. You should remember, however, that the diameter of the straw should be adjusted to the size of the balloon. The bigger the diameter, the faster the pinwheel will rotate. Also, if you have a thick-walled balloon, you can first stretch it or blow it up a few times before you attach it to the straw. We used water balloons which are relatively thin and it takes little effort to blow them up.

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