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Voting for the Little and the Big

Before we move to the last post from the series about civil society, let’s take a look at the topic from a more practical side. We suggest that you organise a voting game with your children – but not the easy one with voting “for” and “against”. We have a more sophisticated game for you. Let’s call it “voting with argumentation”. We were inspired by the work of Jason Diceman, the creator of idea rating sheets. (

Here are some instructions:  

1. Choose the topic you want to discuss and make decisions about. This may be anything, like your dinner menu . 

2. Discuss the problem and the possible solutions.

3. Download the idea rating sheet and print several copies. 

4. Write down all your solutions on idea rating sheets.

5. Assess every solution by putting a dot in the chosen section (you can chose from 5 sections ranging from  ‘strong agreement’ to ‘strong disagreement’). If it’s necessary, you can add your comments as well. You can assess all ideas or only the chosen ones, but remember to put your name on all the sheets you fill in. 

6. Count the votes cast for every idea and announce which solution wins based on your voting.

For those who like the idea of voting, we suggest to watch the film which introduces a more advanced tool for assessing ideas and voting. You can create something similar yourself, using an empty candy box and a transparent film.