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The Zentangle Method – The Diversity of Patterns

As we have been talking about diversity, I decided to offer you a completely different, yet easy way to approach this topic. Of course, there are many other ideas and if you have your own, we will be pleased if you share it with us. For today, I prepared something which:

  • can be created with the help of the entire family,
  • stimulates imagination,
  • is relaxing,
  • develops fine motor skills.

It’s perfect for kindergarteners. Drawing various shapes and spirals is best to develop fine motor skills.

The basis of our today’s task is the Zentangle method. If you don’t know what this is, we’re here to explain. It’s a drawing composed of basic shapes filled with various patterns.

This method was created by two American doctors – Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas – who noticed the relaxing impact the Zentangle method had on their patients. The method has gained in popularity, mainly thanks to numerous colouring books ‘for adults’.



  • white sheet of paper (A3 or bigger)
  • black and grey markers or fine liners
  • washi tape or another tape which can be easily removed from paper
  • scissors


You’re probably wondering now what this method has to do with diversity. It’s easy – various patterns and designs which, although different, create a coherent and pretty picture. Just like mankind, whose diversity fascinates, inspires and makes all of us special. Isn’t it a beautiful idea, perfect to share with our children?

The instructions are very simple: glue a few strips of tape to form uneven triangles and on each of them draw a different pattern. You can get ideas from your own head or from the Internet. However, the recording will show you what to do and how. 🙂

Here you can find a bit more about the Zentangle® method: