Environment, Games

The game “What Saddens and Delights the Earth?


  • Introducing children to the planet’s issues and exploring solutions that could positively impact it.

Time: 20 minutes.



  • Sad Earth board, Happy Earth board
  • Cards (you can download them on the left side of the page)

Course of the task

Before starting the game, you should print two big boards showing the sad and happy Earth and the cards showing various situations or objects describing good and bad actions. We recommend laminating the pictures – that way they will last longer.

All kids should sit in a circle. Teacher places the pictures in the middle and encourages kids to draw smaller cards. One of kids shows the card to the rest of the group and they decide together where to place it – happy earth or sad?

After the exercise, teacher suggests pairing or grouping the cards to show solutions for the problems that make our planet unhappy. For example – cutting down the trees – planting trees.

The post is funded by the Veolia Foundation and is part of an international project carried out in Polish-German collaboration.

The post is a part of the “Preschooler’s Calendar,” which was created as part of a project co-financed by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt in cooperation with Naturschutzzentrum Oberlausitzer Bergland.