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Take a Deep Breath, Please!

This is the last post on the topic of smog and proper breathing. We have prepared 3 ideas on how you can train your children if they have a tendency of shallow breathing. It is a must to work on it. This will not only make your children healthier but also eliminate possible speech impediments. Let’s begin with the first idea – a pinwheel. Unfortunately, it’s not summer yet so you won’t find pinwheels at stalls with attractions in the zoo. This is not a problem, because everyone can make their own pinwheel. 

gry oddechowe


  • double sided coloured paper (in the square shape) 
  • a pencil with an eraser
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • a drawing pin 

Idea no. 1 - Pinwheel

Draw two straight lines marking diagonals of the square sheet of paper. Cut the paper along the drawn lines but remember to leave the centre of the sheet intact. Pull every other edge of the cut triangles to the centre of the sheet. Use a drawing pin to attach the edges of the sheet to the eraser on your pencil. Done! For those of you who are interested, we include instructions on how to prepare your own pinwheel.

gry oddechowe

What’s next? 

The child breathes in, holds the air in the lungs for 2 seconds and then slowly breathes out, making the pinwheel move. It’s easy and cool. 

Idea no. 2 - A candle

 This is even easier – I think that everyone has a candle at home. The task is to blow at the candle in such a way so that it doesn’t go out. Your child should breathe out very slowly.

Idea no. 3 - Feathers

Toss a feather. Your child will have to try to make it float in the air above their head using only their breath. This game requires practice but it’s a lot of fun. If you have more than one child, a blowing competition will be perfect for a boring afternoon.

Tell us which of the ideas you and your children like the most. We strongly encourage you to practice this regularly!