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Shabbat – Spot the Difference

In Judaism, Shabbat is the last day of the week and is the day of rest for the orthodox Jews. It begins on Friday at sunset and finishes on Saturday evening. Ask the children whether Christians also have a day like this.

On Thursday evening, adult Jews bathe at home, then on Friday morning in a ritual bathhouse – the mikhev. On Friday, meals are made and everything is prepared, then everyone gathers in a synagogue for the religious service. After they return home, Jews light candles, pray and start the Shabbat dinner, sharing the challah (a slightly salty yeast bread) amongst themselves.


  • the “A family during Shabbat dinner” set (attachment 13.1)
  • pens/crayons


Print out attachment 13.1. Ask the children to sit in a circle and divide them into groups of 3-5. Give one set of pictures to every group.

Explain to the children what is shown in the pictures. Allow each group to take a look. Their task is to find 10 differences between them and circle these with a pencil/crayon.

Altogether, check which group managed to find the most differences.