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Outdoor game “Beautiful and colorful world”

The goal of this game is to show kids how beautiful and colorful our planet is while discussing its biodiversity. Kids will need to match the colors to the objects surrounding them. It will also be a great opportunity to learn about new colors and their shades. This exercise can be diversified by incorporating colors from a different language.


Teaching kids about the beauty and biodiversity of our planet.

Time: 10 min.

Próbnik koloru zielonego


  • Attachment 2.1 colour swatches should be printed out and cut out. Use hole puncher on the edges of each color to make a small hole on each. Printed paper cards can be laminated to last longer.

Course of the task

This is an outdoor game. Kids can be split into two teams. Each of the teams receives a set of color swatches. They need to match as many of them to the colours in their surroundings. Kids check whether the colors match by putting the small hole on the leaf, pebble, tree bark, flower. The most perceptive team that successfully matches majority of colors, wins. This game can also be played in a calmer atmosphere, without rivalry, when you take kids on an educational walk to the garden, forest or the closest park.

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