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Human knot – game

Our next suggestion of a game will help a child understand that we live in an integrated and globalised world and that by engaging in the world`s issues we help not only the people from distant (and close) countries, but also ourselves. The additional asset of this game is that in order to play it, only the players are needed.

Divide the children into groups of 10-12 people (younger students should be divided into groups of 4-5 people). Everyone should put their hands up and hold hands of two of their friends standing in any place in a circle so that in the end all students` hands are connected. Next the students should try to unravel the knot without letting go of the hands they`re holding.

After the children unravel their hands and stand in a circle, ask them how the moves they made influenced the rest of their friends whose hands they weren`t holding.

An attitude to the world`s problems should be similar: everybody has to cooperate in order to solve them even when the problems are not directly linked to us. We should also be aware that our actions influence others; they can help or hurt. That`s why charity events in schools and kindergartens are so important as they help engage children and show that even a little child can do a good deed, even if it`s very small.

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