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Gymnastics and rest among the trees

Trees purify the air we breathe. There is no better way to oxygenate our body than movement and rest among the trees.

We present several fitness exercises using tree trunks. While doing them, make sure not to destroy the bark, branches and leaves of your green friends. Watch the trees carefully. With a bit of luck, you may find cones stuck between the bark – these places are the so-called forges, thanks to which birds make it easier to remove the seeds from the fruit, or maybe you will come across e.g. a fungus growing on the trunk. If you are allergic to pollen, check the pollen calendar to see if it is safe for your health to go to the “green gym”. If you like our suggestions, you can organize a mini sports competition. The reward for successfully winning may be, for example, 5 minutes of rest in a hammock and admiring the treetops from below. It is a mesmerizing sight. Especially when the branches are slightly moved by the wind.


  • Keeping fit and breathing fresh air


Time: 20 minutes


  • Hammock
  • String
  • Ball, cone (optional)
  • Stopwatch

Task flow

Exercise suggestions:

  1. Choose two trees, approximately 1.5-2 m apart. Use the string to weave a spider’s web. The task is to pass through the selected hole from one side to the other without touching the string.
  2. Organize a slalom between the trees. You can run back and forth. Keep track of the time, interesting it is who will be able to complete the route the fastest.
  3. By placing your hands on the trunk and standing with your feet about 30-40 cm from the trunk, you can practice “standing push-ups”.
  4. Bend your leg at the knee, raise it and rest your foot on the trunk. By bringing your torso closer to the trunk and then leaning back to the vertical position, you will have a great stretch of your muscles.
  5. Choose two trees, approximately 2-3 m apart, and hang the hammock. Try to throw a ball or a cone into the hammock from different distances.
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The post was created as part of a project co-financed by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt in cooperation with the Naturschutzzentrum Oberlausitzer Bergland.

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