Art, Peace and Justice

Dove of Peace

When we discuss with our children the concepts of peace and conflict, let’s also talk about the symbols of peace. The dove of peace is one of them. In Christianity and the European culture, the dove has been established as the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Christianity has derived this symbol from Judaism and the Jewish story of Noah’s Ark where the dove with an olive branch heralds the end of the great flood. Yet, the symbolic meaning of the dove is much older – it originates from ancient Mesopotamia, where it had been the symbol of the most powerful goddess of love and war, Inanna-Ishtar.

This was a brief introduction. Now let’s get started!

Golabek pokoju potrzebne materiały


  • A4 black paper
  • white crayon
  • eraser, if necessary
  • scissors
  • paper knife
  • cutting mat
  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • play dough / adhesive putty


Some notes before you start the work: 1.A white crayon will be best to make the drawing, but if you don’t have one, any light-coloured crayon will do.  2. Glue tissue paper pieces to the side of the sheet of A4 paper where the drawing has been made. This will help make your work look neat. 3. When your stained glass work is ready, you can stick it to your window with some play dough, although adhesive putty will be best for the purpose (you can get it at a stationer’s or Rossmann or Empik stores).